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160 ATJ Image
160 ATJ
Designed for a variety of terrains and applications, the Manitou 160 ATJ aerial work platform is one of the most reliable machines on the market. From the power of its 24.5 hp Kubota engine, this Manitou aerial work plat... Read More
Capacity: 230 kg
working height: 16.01 m
Engine: Kubota
Power: 24.5 hp
160 ATJ+ Image
160 ATJ+
From the articulated working platform of the Manitou range, The 160 ATJ+ offers a loading capacity with no equal on the current market of 400kg! This will allow for up to 3 persons to be... Read More
Capacity: 400 kg
working height: 16.21 m
Engine: Kubota
Power: 45 hp
200 ATJ E Image
200 ATJ E
The 200 ATJ E is Manitou’s first fully electric rough terrain mobile elevating work platform. With a working height of 20 meters and an outreach of 12 meters, the 200 ATJ E... Read More
Capacity: 230 kg
working height: 20 m
Engine: Electric
Power: NA
200 ATJ-X Image
200 ATJ-X
The 200 ATJ-X is a mobile elevating work platform from the Manitou range offering a working height of 20 meters with an up and over clearance of 8 meters. Like other models from the Manitou ATJ r... Read More
Capacity: 230 kg
working height: 20.35 m
Engine: Kubota
Power: 45 hp
220 TJ-XP Image
220 TJ-XP
The 220 TJ-XP is part of the high capacity models of the Manitou mobile elevating working platform range. This model high capacity basket can carry up to 3 people with a loading capacity of 350kg! Featur... Read More
Capacity: 350 kg
working height: 21.74 m
Engine: Kubota
Power: 45 hp
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Manitou Center offers a variety of elevating work platforms in Sydney, including 100% electric work platforms. The different models come from the ATJ, ATJ+ and TJ range from Manitou and we guarantee you will find the one that meets your needs. All machines have been designed with the Manitou rough terrain approach offering incomparable manoeuvrability and behaviour on rough and uneven grounds. 

The Manitou ATJ elevating work platforms offer a working height ranging from 16 to 20 meters. They also offer an incredible capacity of up to 400 kg, the biggest capacity for any MEWPs available today, that will allow up to 3 persons to work from the platform: you won’t find any rival on the Sydney work platform market! The ATJ models are articulated work platforms with an up and over clearance up to 8 meters.  Take advantage of their performance and make your daily work easier, whatever your sector of activity.

With the TJ range, we are taking you even higher, with models offering working height up to 28 meters. The TJ work platforms also offer high capacities up to 350 kg, allowing 3 people in the basket. TJ aerial platforms are also equipped with continuous 360 degree rotation as standard. The rotation is carried out by a hydraulic motor, the speed of which varies according to the extension of the boom.

And don’t forget to ask about the Oxygen range by Manitou to discover and try the 200 ATJe our 100% electric work platform in Sydney. This zero emission cherry picker allows you to work safely indoors and outdoors up to 20 meters high!

Contact the team at Manitou Center today to book a demo and find the perfect rough terrain elevating work platform for your needs!