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ULM 412 H Image
ULM 412 H
The Manitou ULM 412 H telehandler is designed to help you save time and money. It has been developed with a wide range of aaplications in mind from construction, to farming or landscaping.  Thanks to its 1.25 tons capac... Read More
Capacity: 1250 kg
Lift Height: 4.30 m
Engine: Yanmar
Power: 35 hp
Transmission: Hydrostatic
MLT-X 625-75H Premium Image
MLT-X 625-75H Premium
The MLT-X 625 75 H Premium is a compact Manitou telehandler designed for agricultural applications with a lifting height of up to 6 metres and maximum capacity of 2.5 tonnes. Featuring a 75 hp Kubota eng... Read More
Capacity: 2500 kg
Lift Height: 5.90 m
Engine: Kubota
Power: 75 hp
Transmission: Hydrostatic
MLT-X 732 Image
MLT-X 732
The MLT-X 732 is the perfect machine for a first-time investment in a Manitou telehandler. It has a lifting height of up to 7 metres, maximum capacity of 3.2 tonnes, a 95 hp Perkins engine to give you th... Read More
Capacity: 3200 kg
Lift Height: 6.9 m
Engine: Perkins
Power: 95 hp
Transmission: Torque Converter
MLT-X 737-130 PS+ Image
MLT-X 737-130 PS+
The MLT-X 737-130 PS+ is the ideal general-purpose Manitou telehandler for efficiency, performance and comfort. With a Deutz engine of 136 hp, powershift transmission, brand new hydraulic functions and a... Read More
Capacity: 3700 kg
Lift Height: 6.90 m
Engine: Deutz
Power: 136 hp
Transmission: Torque Converter
MLT-X 741-140 V+ Image
MLT-X 741-140 V+
The MLT-X 741-140 V+  Manitou telehandler is designed for performance, cost-efficiency, and comfort. This machine has a maximum reach of 6.9 metres and a maximum capacity of 4.1 tonnes. With M-Vario Plus transmission an... Read More
Capacity: 4100 kg
Lift Height: 6.90 m
Engine: Deutz
Power: 136 hp
Transmission: M-Vario Plus
20 products«1 of 4»


Looking for a telehandler in Sydney? Manitou Center Sydney is the place you have been looking for and is offering the full range of Manitou telescopic handlers from agricultural telehandlers to construction telehandlers and we are sure we have the material handling solution you are looking for.

The MLT-X Range: Manitou’s Agricultural Telescopic Handlers

Offering working capacity ranging from 1200 kg to 6100 Kg and lifting heights from 4 meters to 10 meters, this range of rough terrain agricultural telehandlers is an efficient and safe solution for every task: loading, handling, storing, towing or transporting, feeding, cleaning…

The numerous attachments available transform this telehandler into a truly multi-functional machine. Each attachment is specifically designed and tested for Manitou agricultural telehandlers. It is no longer just a simple bucket loader, you can tackle any handling task on the farm: feeding, straw/hay, manure, big bags, grain, cotton,…and boost your productivity.

The MT-X and MHT-X Range: Manitou’s Construction Telehandlers:

These construction telescopic handlers meet the requirements of construction professionals who need high-performance, safe and perfectly manoeuvrable handling solutions. All-terrain, these versatile machines adapt to all your loading/unloading, transport/distribution of loads or lifting of people.

These machines are incredibly versatile thanks to the possibility of changing accessories in a few minutes such as jib, winch, work platforms and much more. The range spans from the ULM 412, the most compact telehandler that would fit easily into a small garage door, can be towed on a trailer and is capable of  lifting 1.2tonnes , to the mighty MHT-X 10230, one of the most powerful telehandlers in the world, with a 23 tonnes capacity and 10 metres working height, to handle bulky and heavy loads. Don’t forget as well our best seller of all times:  the MT-X 625, a compact construction telehandler, with a working capacity of 2.5 tonnes and with height of 6 meters, perfect to work space with size restriction.

The range also has telehandlers that are compliant to be used as a work platform such as the MT-X 1840, offering a working height of 20 meters with a man basket.